June 27, 2016

Access Reproductive Care-Southeast is pleased with the Supreme Court decision to strike down HB2. In our service areas of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Tennessee, we have all experienced the negative impact targeted regulation of abortion providers, or TRAP laws, have on the ability of Southerners to access safe, affordable, compassionate, and legal abortions in the South. We support states where over 90% of people live in a county without an abortion provider. A decision to uphold HB2 would have been the win our opposition needed to continue increasing barriers to abortions in the United States.

While this is a huge win for Texans, the Lone Star state is not alone in celebrating this win. This case has deemed some of the sham TRAP laws, which closed dozens of clinics in Texas, unconstitutional and is a step closer to making distinctions on what an undue burden is when trying to access safe, legal abortions. Reproductive health, rights, and justice advocates and activists all across the country stand with Whole Women’s Health and are celebrating this huge win for individuals and families.

While we will collectively take a deep breath today, the fight is not over! It will take time and resources to rebuild and restructure networks in Texas and the South that have been impacted by TRAP laws. Until then, abortion funds like ARC-Southeast need your support in making sure we eliminate barriers to abortion access in the Southeast. We must continue to encourage Southerners to join us as we fundraise for abortion access and train volunteers to provide practical support in the Southeast. We CAN'T stop and we WON’T stop.

We must continue to unapologetically speak up against the reproductive oppressions that directly impact the communities we serve. We must continue to work proactively to protect the decisions and bodily autonomy of pregnant people. We must work towards passing legislation like the EACH Woman Act to expand access to abortion care in the United States. We must continue to work towards acknowledging that we are experts in our own narratives, and encouraging ourselves and others to reclaim our bodies and lives. Let us take this win as a huge moment in our movement and continue working towards eliminating barriers to abortion access for all!

And lastly, join us tomorrow for a virtual town hall meeting discussing next steps after the ruling on Whole Women’s Health v. Hellerstedt. Visit this link and register today!

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